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Are you a bit confused about all the different services and not sure whether to go for a sand and polish or a full-scale restoration. It all really depends on the condition of the floor and the effect you want to achieve. To help you, we’ve compiled this list of all the services we offer to give some idea of what they’re all about. Get in touch with our SW4 Lambeth floor sanding and finishing team to find out more and to book your free on-site assessment.


Floor sanding was actually the first service we offered to customers in Lambeth SW2 20 years ago. It’s still our core service and very popular with old and new customers. Our team will turn up and basically strip away the top layers of ingrained muck and old paint from your floorboards using dust-limiting, state-of-the-art machines. This will expose the beautiful fresh wood beneath and get the floor smooth enough to take the finish.


We have the materials and experience needed to assess the correct course of treatment for your flooring, whatever its condition. It can’t be expected to look up to much when first released from its carpet prison after years of neglect, and we’ll decide what’s needed to bring out the best in it. The Lambeth SW16 floor restoration experts are adept at repairing, sanding and finishing the most abysmal looking wooden flooring and getting a great result.


It’s usually necessary to carry out at least some repairs to wooden flooring before it is fit to be sanded down and finished. Some sections of boards may need to be replaced, for example, and we’ll incidentally use sustainable sources for this. Gaps will be filled with silicon and resin fillers and natural wood slivers, to stop squeaks and prevent draughts which can drive up energy consumption.


The stains used by the SE11 Lambeth wood floor staining and finishing team are eco-friendly and non-allergenic, so anyone with an allergy in the house won’t suffer because of them! Staining a wooden floor will result in a rich, warming glow in bedrooms or living areas, and there are plenty of colours available for all parts of the house. Children’s bedrooms might do better with a more dynamic shade, and staining in general remains a hugely popular finish for many of our customers. ​


Finishing a wooden floor is something of an art. It’s easy to botch the job because a finish needs to be applied consistently and patches can easily develop and spoil the overall effect. We use a wide range of lacquers, waxes, stains, oils and varnishes to put the final touches to a wooden floor after it has been repaired and sanded down. In rooms that experience regular spillages, such as kitchens, a varnish will form a tight seal. Staining followed by waxing will penetrate to the very heart of the wood for a rich, deep glow and this can often be better for reception and living areas.


With parquet floors now all the rage, you’ll obviously be delighted to find that you have one, hidden away perhaps underneath a carpet in your hallway. Let the Lambeth parquet floor sanding team restore it for you. This is delicate work and needs TLC, not to mention patience, if the job is not to be messed up. We have the skills and equipment to do it properly for you.


Restoring an area of old parquet flooring will usually involve removing and replacing broken tiles. This is delicate and demanding work, because of the bitumen-based adhesives, which in days gone by were used to fix the tiles in place. This is like hardened prehistoric sludge! It needs to be hacked away and replaced by modern adhesives, which are both eco-friendly and more efficient. Leave this task to the Lambeth parquet floor restoration experts.


The nasty old bitumen glue that typically holds old parquet flooring in place can be a major headache. We have the tools and experience to tackle it and also to replace broken tiles with new wooden tiles from sustainable sources that will perfectly complement the original ones and integrate seamlessly into the floor’s overall pattern.


Giving a wooden floor a good buff and polish at regular intervals of a couple of years or so, depending on how much abuse it has to put up with, will usually be enough to keep it looking great. Give us a call and we can advise you on this and other matters to do with maintaining your wooden flooring in Lambeth.


The gaps between separate floorboards are not usually a problem if you have fitted carpets, but they need to be filled if you’re opting for the bare boards. Draughts can develop and push up your energy bills as well as being annoying, and nobody wants a floor that creaks every time you walk across it. We use specialist, eco-friendly products to get the floor solid and stable before sanding and finishing it.


You must buff and polish your floor every few years to keep it looking good and prolong its life. We give you a free cleaning kit at the end of the work but please contact us for more information about maintaining your flooring after it has been sanded and polished.


We can work outside of your normal office hours to give your business flooring a beautiful, fresh shine that will impress clients.


Our Lambeth floor sanding teams will happily work during school holidays to give you fabulous new tough flooring for the beginning of the new term.


With our range of eco-friendly seals and finishes you need have no worries about toxins being introduced into your house or business. We select the best finish for the job and apply it expertly to give you a perfect result every time.

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