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Who exactly are we at the Lambeth floor sanding company SW4, and what can we do for you? Well, we started as a family-run floor sanding service 20 years ago with the idea to provide businesses and homes in Lambeth SW16 with a reliable and cost-effective service for treating their wooden flooring. Word soon spread and we’re still at it today because of the demand from customers who love our work – take a look at a few genuine customer Testimonials and you’ll see why.​



We bring a real passion to our wood floor sanding and finishing services in Lambeth SW2. Our customers frequently comment on this and the way in which our enthusiastic approach to restoring their wooden flooring is directly reflected in the fabulous results we achieve. At the Lambeth floor sanding company we understand what our customers want by engaging with them and then use our dust-free machines and eco-friendly finishes, creating the perfect result.​



Our excellent customer services are crucial to our end product, which is a restored wooden floor SE11 to be proud of. From the first point of contact to when you’re handed your free floor maintenance and cleaning kit at the end of the work, your experience matters greatly to us. We can’t get the results we both want without engaging properly, and we think you’ll be delighted with our friendly and informative approach.



Seeing as we deal with one of the planet’s best natural resources on a daily basis, we’re an ecologically aware company and we take our green credentials with the utmost seriousness. In fact, all of our varnishes, lacquers, waxes and other finishing materials are entirely eco-friendly and contain no traces of toxins.

They’re also hypoallergenic so if anyone in the property suffers from the likes of asthma they’ll be in safe hands with us. We even make sure that on the regular occasions when we need to replace damaged or rotten boards we do so from ecologically sustainable sources.

Contact us to arrange for your free on-site assessment or to ask any questions, and our friendly team will be happy to help in any way they can.

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