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Do you have a question or two concerning wood floor sanding and finishing in Lambeth SW2? We bet you have! Here we’ve gathered together a few of the more common ones we’ve come across. If yours is not amongst them just give us a call and we’ll be delighted to help.


It’s true that when we first started out 20 years ago sanding machines did make a lot of mess, but the technology has improved a lot since then. The machines we use today are specially designed to retain practically all of the dust they create. Also, our SW4 Lambeth floor sanding teams take care to seal off other rooms whilst they’re working on a floor and when the job is done they do a thorough clean up. Mess will therefore not be an issue!


A floor of regular size such as that in a living room or double bedroom, or indeed a non-palatial hallway (as long as we’re not talking about ‘Downton Abbey’ sized hallways!), will take our Lambeth sanding experts SW16 one full day to sand down properly. This will include any preliminary repair work that needs doing to the floor and up to three sandings, depending on its condition. A further day will be allocated to applying the finish you’ve selected for the floor. When we hand you your free cleaning kit and depart you won’t be able to touch the floor for about two days because it will need to cure properly. But after that, you’re free to move back in!

A little more time can be added for floors that are in a particularly poor condition and which need more extensive repairs to be carried out before the sanding machines can swing into action. All this will be explained to you, and the exact time frames pinned down, during the free on-site inspection.


We have discovered time and again over the 20 years we’ve been in this business that very few floors indeed are completely beyond hope. An old wooden floor SE11 may indeed look appalling when you first lift the carpet, with all that grime and thick clots of age-old paint from old decorating. ​However, this layer of hardened dirt may actually be preserving the floorboards and be good for them. When we use our dust-free, cutting-edge machines to neatly strip away these top layers the fresh wood beneath will be exposed and ready for subsequent stages of the treatment.

So don’t immediately be tempted to rush out and get a new floor laid down over the old one, because your original floorboards are probably perfectly fit for purpose.


The short answer is yes, of course. You can hire a sanding machine and do the job yourself. But you should bear a few points in mind before doing so, however. Sanding machines from equipment hire shops are usually old models that don’t retain dust very effectively, and also they’re usually not properly maintained because they’re always being rented out. Because of this they won’t make a very good job of sanding your floor to a smooth finish and there’s also be plenty of mess to deal with.

Our sanders are the latest models and perfectly maintained, so we know that our tools will give a great result every time rather than limiting us and producing a shoddy result. You need a perfectly smooth and level floor to take the stain, varnish, wax or whatever other finish you’ve decided to have.

Before the sanding can take place, the floor needs to be stabilised and sealed properly, and often sub-floor spaces need to be checked. Our eco-friendly finishes, too, when the sanding is finished, need to be expertly applied to give the perfect finish to your floorboards.
Let the Lambeth floor sanding and renovation experts do this work for you and you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

Contact us today to discover more about how the Lambeth wood floor sanding and renovation team can help you bring your tired old wooden flooring back to glorious life. Our friendly team of advisors will be delighted to book you in for your free on-site assessment at no obligation.

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